The Beacon
16 days ago

Inn Beacween

Team Super Magic finds themselves in a strange land, making some even stranger new friends in this crossover special with Inn Between.


Claudia Elvidge as Bee

Sarah Ruth Thomas as Wolf

Alicia Atkins as Capy

Robert Baulderstone as Newt

Beatrice Blackwell as Hawk

Marquis Dijon Archuleta as Sterling Whitetower

Kaleigh Christopher as Betty

Riley Jones as Fina Butterbuns

Kira Mills as Friar Velune

Austin Mowat as Meltyre

Additional Voices:

Guendalina Cilli

Brad Colbroock

Danyelle Ellet

Kendon Luscher

Tal Minear

Hannah Wright

William Wright

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Sounds by Soundsnap.

Music by Logan Nickelson at