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8 months ago

Episode 4.5: Interstitial #1 - Messages

Destiny is calling Bee.


Robert Baulderstone as Newt/Isaac Sallander

Nerys Howell as Professor Tillwater

Alicia Atkins as Capy/Thea Kingsley-Revels

Cole Burkhardt as Roo/Rue

Sarah Ruth Thomas as Wolf/Ashlynn Thompson

Lindsey Dorcus as Wolf's Mother/Ainslie Thompson

Beatrice Blackwell as Hawk/Addie Wittwer

Michael J. Rigg as Doctor Talbot

Sena Bryer as Moth

Christopher Pavon as Furstravaganza Customer

Claudia Elvidge as Bee

Leslie Gideon as Mysterious Caller

Ryan Hoyle as Robot Phone Voice

David S. Dear as Dean Tracey Milton

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Content Warning: Fat-shaming; bad parenting; dealing with customers.